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Customer service will always remain key to what we do and why we strive on a daily basis. Otherwise we will be another fish in the vast sea of online shopping. We can't express enough how much each and everyone of customers means to us at Striven Industries. In todays day and age it's so easy to find a great deal. We no longer drive around from store to store looking for the best price. If we do visit our local brick and mortar stores we most likely pull out our phone before going to the next store just to be sure we aren't wasting our time, gas and importantly hard earned money. This is great but something is lost in this process. We lose that connection of face to face service and showing sincere appreciation for the business that walks thought the door. We can promise you that everyone at and Striven Industries understands how important you are. Customer service is the one thing that can set us apart and prove our dedication to customers. In the end we understand that your happiness and experience while shopping with us keeps the roof over our families heads and food on the table. For that we will always be grateful. When shopping on our network of online stores you will always receive the very best service our customer advocates can provide...that is a promise! Old fashioned brick and mortar service from your couch, desk or wherever else you do your online shopping.


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